Stand Up Against Bullying Day

Tomorrow is Stand Up Against Bullying Day. Please wear pink to stand together in recognizing and raising awareness of the importance of building positive, healthy relationships with and among each other, learning to manage conflict effectively, and promoting and building positive and peaceful school climates.

Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year

I am so happy to welcome you to 5 Seymour. I have some returning students and this year I knew each and every student already. It was so awesome and exciting.

I have taught Grade 4 for the past four years. I do not have the website up to date yet for Grade 5 content. Please be patient as I work on it this month.

I regularly post pictures and descriptions of class activities, school newsletters, curricular outcomes with related websites, and yearly plans. I also have a Google Class calendar attached so you can keep track of school and class events.

I taught Grade 5 for many years at my previous school so am very familiar with the outcomes and curricular content. I am thrilled to be back at this grade level for the year. It’s one of my favs.

Our specialist schedule for the year is:

French – every second day

Music – Tuesday and Thursday

Phys. Ed. – Wednesday and Friday

I look forward to seeing you on our annual curriculum night on September 20th to discuss class routines, expectations and curriculum.

Ms. Seymour

Field Day 2018

Today we enjoyed our annual Field Day. It was a beautiful day outside and we rotated through 6 different stations. At the end we were even able to participate in Tug of War against 4 Naylor which we won in seconds. Ms. Seymour was excited and thought she was videotaping it but she forgot to hit the red record button. The second video below is her sort of catching our excitement at the end of the tug of war. SO MUCH FUN!!