After our alternate location drill to St.Agnes this afternoon we decided to calm our bodies and minds and do a meditation from Relax Kids Nature Meditations cd. A classmate chose the theme “Rainbow.”


Rabbit and Bear Paws Presentation

In celebration of Mi’kmaq History Month,   the  students participated in a Rabbit and Bear Paws presentation titled “Dreamcatcher and the Seven Grandfathers.” The puppet showed seven special animals and sharing what it means to walk a good path through life, understanding the seven Grandfathers of Courage, Respect, Humility, Honesty, Truth, Love and Wisdom. One of our classmates was chosen to be one of the animals and participated in the puppet presentation. We are very proud of her. These seven principles tie in nicely with our class Star program that will focus on Values and positive character traits.

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I-Walk and basketball game

What an action packed day! We participated in Jump Rope for Heart this morning (See post below with video). We also had our first PEBS assembly this afternoon where two of our classmates won WOW water bottles for participation in I-Walk to school week. The gymnasium was full of energy as students took on teachers in a basketball game.