Habitat for our Compost Worms 

This weekend Shubenacadie wildlife park gave me some compost worms for our classroom Habitat studies. While we have been taking care of them this week, we decided it was time to improve their Habitat. Students found a suitable container, created holes for air circulation, found and added appropriate bedding, made sure the bedding was damp, and researched appropriate food and then added it to the environment. 

Our Instruments 2017 

VF-S and MD compiled some pictures and video of the Instruments their classmates made last month. They used I-Movie to create a video of the compilation. We were very engaged and loved learning about everyone’s process at home making them and how you can change the volume and pitch on different kinds of  instruments . Please see the video below. 

An oldie but a goodie 

Came across this video that SM and SC created to complement their learning of the continents of the World during second term. Due to work to rule and lack of posting on our website and Twitter, it got lost in the shuffle. I am so glad that I came across it. They created models of the earth using balloons and foam balls. Then they sang this little tune in front of a green screen. Then DoInks Greenscreen App was used to add a background. ​

Maker Innovation Creation Exploration (M.I.C.E.) Station 

This month the students have begun to explore nonconsumable tools in our maker creation station. We have begun with open exploration, with individual students and groups of students making connections to curricular concepts. Please see below some pictures of the student’s exploration. 

Students will be given a Guided Maker activity soon, where they will use our M.I.C.E. station’s consumable tools to create a sound proof device relating to Our sound unit.

Thank you to all parents/guardians who have contributed consumable and nonconsumable maker items to our M.I.C.E station. We appreciate it very much.