Fun with Habitats 

The past month Students have been researching a chosen animal and learning about their habitat, diet, prey, predators, food chains and adaptations. They have been using this research to present the information using Google Slides. 

This week they chose another animal to find brief information on regarding its habitat, diet, predators and adaptations. They used this information to record messages presenting themselves as this animal in their habitat using stuffed animals, the iPad app Chatterbox, and the iPad app Doink Greenscreen. Some students finished this process today. Here are a few of their videos. 




Global Maker Day 2017 

Our class participated in Global Maker Day this week, on Tuesday, October 24th. The students accepted a variety of challenges from Global Maker Day website and used consumable materials to build them. They also accepted an additional challenge using a digital Virtual Reality platform to create a scene from their fictional narratives in class. We used Co Spaces EDU to complete this challenge. Please see pictures below of them working and of their creations. When their virtual worlds are finished we have VR glasses that students can borrow to take home and used with an iPod and Co Spaces app so parents/guardians can view them.

Kindness Rock Project 

This month we have been talking about healthy relationships. Kindness has been a recurring theme throughout this unit and there are so many acts of kindness within our daily lives at school. This week we continued to discuss kindness for ourselves and others. What does it look like and how does it make us feel? We designed our own Kindness rocks with messages of inspiration to distribute randomly around our neighbourhoods or to give to someone they know.

Happy Thanksgiving 

Students reflected on and wrote about things they were Thankful for this week during writer’s workshop. We completed a little turkey craft and video recorded messages, and composed videos using DoInks Greenscreen and IMovie. Below is our Thankful bulletin board and our Giving Thanks video.

Wishing all families a wonderful Thanksgiving weeekend filled with time spent with loved ones!