Help appreciated collecting items

Hi 4S Parents/Guardians,

February we will be doing some hands on activities that require some consumable materials. We would appreciate some of the following consumables if you have any of them lying around the house that would be going into recycling. I will also be collecting from my own house:

1) 1 liter milk cartons, paper towel rolls/toilet paper rolls to make optical devices in Science

2) shoe boxes for dioramas for Landforms in Social Studies

3) pictures or videos of your children doing some of their favorite physical activities (organized or not) and leisure activities such as reading, video games, playing board games etc. (We will be making a class movie highlighting these things in and out of school for Health outcomes). You can send them to me through email at or  or upload them to your child’s Google Drive or send them in on a USB and I will transfer them.

4) Tin cans, balloons, plastic pop or juice bottles, rice, dried beans, popcorn kernels, tissue boxes for instruments for our Sound unit (Not needed until March). ​

Thank you very much for your continued support of our learning goals this year.


Mindfulness – Singing Bowl Sound

During our Mindfulness practice, we use Ms. S’s singing bowl to mindfully listen to while we do our mindful breathing. We are patiently awaiting our own class singing bowl that I ordered last week so that we have it to use daily as we continue our journey being a “Mindful and Breathing Classroom.”

I have attached a link below to a clip of a Singing Bowl that we have used in class and that the students can use at home if they want to.

Happy 2018!

I would like to wish all Grade 4S families a happy and healthy New Year. Welcome back for the 2018 school terms.

I want to apologize for not sending home a monthly calendar this month yet or new pages for our class agendas. Our class desktop computer has been broken since just before Christmas. This is the only computer that will print to the photocopier from our class.

Some topics covered in class this month are as follows:

Math – Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers

Reading – Inferencing

Writing – Poetry

Integrated Science – Light

Integrated Health – Physical Activity and Leisure Activities, Nutrition

Integrated Social Studies – Canada provinces and territories, Landforms