Class Project: Physical Activities and Leisure Activities We Enjoy Video

We have been working on this video project Second term. The students have used a lot of technology to capture a snapshot project of their physical activity and leisure activities interests. They also had been learning about Canada’s guidelines for physical activity and sedentary activity and how they relate to their daily living.

They have created two media texts to showcase their knowledge:

1) a Google Slides presentation

2) A Video- using i-Movie, iPhone video recorder, DoInks Greenscreen App, Voice recorder, PicCollage, Garage Band, MusicJam, and Launchpad.

The video they’ve created is below. Get some popcorn it’s long. We are proud of it. Hope you enjoy it…even the music in it was created by them. They seem to love making techno tunes.

Thank you to parents for sending in videos and pictures from home. We appreciate your ongoing support of our class projects.