Being a Rockhound

We have started looking at our own Rock collection and investigating their characteristics. We are also investigating Ms. Seymour’s collections of rocks and minerals. We experimented finding the hardness of rocks.

Tomatosphere Tomato Plants

We have had another successful, engaging, year participating in 2017-2018 Tomatosphere science investigation. This program allows for a hands on, collaborative, authentic cross-curricular learning opportunity for students across Canada.

Once our seeds were germinated, we submitted our results to Tomatosphere to see which seed group was the control group and which ones were exposed to space like conditions. Please see 4S results Canadian results and pics of 4S students with plants below.

Rocks & Minerals Scavenger Hunt

This afternoon we raced around the school solving 18 questions about Rocks and Minerals. We were quiet and respectful of others classes learning and we worked collaboratively and loved getting some wiggly jigglies out while learning. Daily movement incorporated into our learning is so beneficial. Just another way we ensure a flexible learning environment.