Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year

I am so happy to welcome you to 5 Seymour. I have some returning students and this year I knew each and every student already. It was so awesome and exciting.

I have taught Grade 4 for the past four years. I do not have the website up to date yet for Grade 5 content. Please be patient as I work on it this month.

I regularly post pictures and descriptions of class activities, school newsletters, curricular outcomes with related websites, and yearly plans. I also have a Google Class calendar attached so you can keep track of school and class events.

I taught Grade 5 for many years at my previous school so am very familiar with the outcomes and curricular content. I am thrilled to be back at this grade level for the year. It’s one of my favs.

Our specialist schedule for the year is:

French – every second day

Music – Tuesday and Thursday

Phys. Ed. – Wednesday and Friday

I look forward to seeing you on our annual curriculum night on September 20th to discuss class routines, expectations and curriculum.

Ms. Seymour

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