Term One: Healthy Relationships:

1.3 demonstrate an awareness that values are an integral part in making healthy decisions and fostering healthy behaviour

2.1 identify components of a healthy relationship

2.2 demonstrate an awareness of the link between positive self-identity and making healthy decisions that affect relationships and care of self

It’s My Life Interactive Website

Our class will be incorporating daily check-in circles and weekly problem solving and decision making class circles. More information on the Caring Schools Community Program (social and emotional learning) can be found here:

Caring Schools Community

Term Two: Healthy Self

1.5 identify personal factors that motivate them to participate in physical activity and quiet leisure activities

1.4 differentiate between anxious feelings that we all have and signs of anxiety that are more serious, and identify who can help

Term Three: Healthy Self and healthy Community

1.1 describe the physical and emotional changes that take place during puberty

1.2 differentiate between gender roles and gender identity

3.3 design active transportation routes through a creative process and promote ways to safely engage in walking or wheeling in their communities

Here are some websites to help support learning of our Puberty outcome:


Kids Health: Puberty It’s My Life:Puberty Who put the PU in Puberty Quiz?
BBC: Interactive Body: Changes during Puberty More info Wow What’s Happening to Me? Puberty webquest
Cycling Safety:Tales of the Road Izzy’s Road Safety Games Road Safety Games 5-7 years old Road Safety games 7+ years old Street Safe Game
Elmer’s Safety Village Young Cyclists Guide Bicycle Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Bike Safety Booklet NS Smart Cycle Safety Handbook
Parachute Canada:Safe Kids Week  Kids health: Bike Safety