Language Arts

Writing Workshop

Unit 1: Setting Up Workshop Model and Personal Narratives (Sept – Oct)

Unit 2: Fictional Narratives  (Nov/Dec)

Unit 3: Poetry (Dec/Jan)

Unit 4: Persuasive Writing (Feb/March)

Unit 6: Non-fiction (May/June)

Reading Workshop

Unit 1: Setting up Workshop Model and Digging Deeper into text: Visualizing and Making Connections to own experiences and knowledge (September/October)

Unit 2: Digging Deeper: Asking Questions Before, During, and After Reading (November/December)

Unit 3: Digging Deeper into text: Inferring Picture Books/Poetry (December/January)

Unit 4: Digging Deeper into text: Determining Main Idea and Details (February/March)

Unit 5: Reading: Inferring, Author’s main messages

Unit 5: Reading Non-fiction, Synthesizing                                      Rhyme Zone             

Persuasive Writing Support (links):

Read Write Think Persuasion Map

Read Write Think Letter Generator

Persuasive_Strategies Slideshow

Determining Fact vs. Opinion –