TerM ONE: Habitats

Dialogue for KIds: Habitats Animal Habitats for Kids Habitats for Animals:Video
National Geographic: habitats PBS KIds: Wild Kratts:Habitats World Wildlife Foundation: Habitats
Magic School Bus: The Great Habitat Match-Up Who Lives Here? Habitats
Animal Universe: Choose a Habitat What its’ Like Where You Live:

World’s Biomes

BBC: Habitats
Interactive Sites for Habitats Habitat Games and Activities Habitats Game
Build an Online Habitat Habitat Maker: Design a Panda habitat
Technology Rocks: Habitat Games  Shephards Software Food Chain




 Interactive Food Chain Links

I know That Food Chain Game

Scholastic: Build A Food Web

Interactive Games for Educators: Animal Adaptations


Term Two: Light and Sound


Science Kids: Light Kids Energy Zone Light
Interactive Sites for Education: Light Games


Science Kids: Sound Exploratorium: Listen and Sounds BBC: Changing Sounds
Science Kids: Changing Sounds Ocean Odyssey: Sound Place Matters: Sound
The Interactive Ear A Journey Into the Ear How do We Hear
Dangerous Decibels Science in Motion: How Do We Hear? Matter and Sound Energy
BBC: Sounds and Hearing Sound Patterns Parts of The Ear
Exploratorium: Listen  Interactive Sites for Education: Sound Games








Term Three: Rocks and Minerals

Rocks Minerals and Soils Science KIds: Rocks and Minerals One Geology Kids: Rocks and Minerals
Kids Love To Learn: Rocks and Minerals Interactive Games Types of Rocks adn the Rock Cycle Video How Rocks adn Minerals are formed
Kids Love Rocks Mineralogy for Kids Interactive Sites for Rocks and MInerals