Social Studies

Term One:

Unit 1: Exploration

Examining the concept of exploration

Unit 2: The Nature of Exploration (Exploration over time)

Examine the various stories of explorers of land, ocean, space and ideas

Analyze factors that motivate exploration

Evaluate the impact of exploration over time

Early Explorers of Canada

Interactive Explorer Book For Kids

World Explorers

Motivation for Early Exploration


Reasons Explorers Explored

Cyber Sleuth History: Explorers and Exploration

The 3 G’s: Reasons for Early Exploration

Problems Faced By Early Explorers

 Term Two:

Unit 3: Exploring our World

4.3.1 examine major physical features of the world

4.3.2 describe the main attributes of rivers, islands, mountains and oceans

Unit 4: Exploring the Landscapes of Canada

4.4.1 describe the physical landscape of Canada

Physical Features: N.S World Landforms – Mr. Nusbaum World Landforms video
National Geographic: MapMaker Interactive Landforms Landforms Interactive
Study Jams: Landforms National Geographic: Surface of the Earth Geography: How Stuff Works: Physical Features of Canada
Canadian Geographic: Landforms Physical Regions of Canada Physical Regions of Canada
Canada’s Physical regions: Interactive Map Your Canada

Types of Landforms for Kids Video      Quizlet: Landforms defintions with read aloud feature Symbaloo Landforms Find the Continent game Harcourt: Types of Land Interactive
Interactive Sites for Educators: Landforms Games Interactive Sites for Educators: Continents Continents and Oceans Game World Geography Game:Continents Label the Continents Game
National Geographic: Mapping Landforms Play Kids Games: Continents

Canadian provinces map quiz Shepperd’s Canada Software Quizzes Canadian map puzzle
Canadian Geographic Canada puzzle Click on Canadian puzzle quiz Canada’s Treasure Trek

Term 3:

Unit 4: Exploring the Landscapes of Canada

*describe the human landscape of Canada

*describe the political landscape of Canada

*examine symbols associated with Canada’s landscapes

National Symbols Canadian symbols – Government of Canada
Canada Info The Symbols of Canada
Canada 4 Life: Symbols of Canada The Canadian Encyclopedia: The Emblems of Canada